Arbitration / Litigation

Cucenoglu Law Office advises to the clients on the negotiation, risk management, avoidance of potential risks and drafting agreements at the transactional stage and aims to help the clients negotiate and structure their transactions before the need to go to the court.

Cucenoglu Law Office also serves to the clients during the litigation and arbitration matters with all related issues including following up the files, attending to the hearings, drafting petitions.

Local and International Arbitration, Recognition and Enforcement
Dispute Resolution
Execution Proceeding
Amicable Agreement

Banking & Finance

Maximizing the return on investment in capital intensive assets requires complex judgments about business needs, tax and accounting rules, and variety of legal issues. Unprecedented volatility in the global financial system is exposing market participants to extraordinary risk and uncertainty. The reassessment of risk by both lenders and borrowers has resulted in a less borrower friendly environment and more restrictive terms in finance documents.

Cucenoglu Law Office has the experience and insight to help you navigate new complexities in today’s financial markets. We advise on all aspects of cross- border and domestic financing across a broad range of industries from IT to manufacturing and everything in between.

Syndication Loans
Structuring of Term, Bridge and Mezzanine Loans
Project Finance
Derivatives & Structured Finance
Acquisition Finance
Debt Capital Markets
Equity Capital Markets
Corporate Finance
Islamic Finance Contracts
Real Estate Finance

In respect of the scope of work, the services have generally includes;

Drafting Turkish law agreements
Review of and commenting on foreign or Turkish law agreements
Drafting security documents and perfection of the relevant securities
Assisting with the closing procedures
CP collection
Issuance of legal opinions

Corporate & Commercial Law

The Firm provides advisory services to the clients at day-to-day activities of domestic companies and subsidiaries of non-domestic companies. Cucenoglu Law Office offers full range of legal services from the company formations to the ongoing issues.

Energy & Mining Law

Cucenoglu Law Office offers advice to lenders, investors, developers and producers and variety of entities in the financing and development of power projects in Turkey including acquisition and sale of energy companies and energy assets as well as the development, construction, operation and restructuring of generation facilities, pipelines and gas storage facilities etc. in Turkey.

Due Diligence
Licenses & Permits
Energy & Mining M&A
EPC Contracts
Energy & Mining Project Finance
Supply Contracts

Labor Law

Cucenoglu Law Office provides advisory services on restructuring, reorganization, employment contracts, termination issues, confidentiality and non- compete obligations, liability for workplace accidents, termination compensations claims, indemnities, litigation and enforcement.

Employment Contracts
Terminations & Resignations
Labor Litigation
Health & Safety
Primary Employer & Sub-Employer Relation
Syndicate Relations
Indemnity & Rights
Employment Contract, Its Types and Termination
On call employment
Procedure for termination of contract
Consequences of termination based on valid grounds
Consequences of termination based on invalid grounds
Change in working conditions and termination of Employment Contract
Immediate Termination
Wage and Payment of Wage
Insurance Premiums

Mergers & Acquisitions

Rapid change, market volatility, management of stakeholders, credit constraints and global competitive forces make high value targets riskier to pursue, especially across borders. Well- planned strategies and their effective implementation are critical to getting deals done.

When it comes to complex transactions, you need advisers with deep knowledge, vast experience and global reach. Cucenoglu Law Office brings a unique global strategic perspective to help preserve and optimize deal benefits. Whether you are buying or selling, entering into a joint venture, or making strategic investment, we approach each transaction with legal, financial and business fluency, offering sound and practical advice at every stage. Collaborating across borders and legal areas, we bring the right know- how and experience to anticipate and resolve issues.

Foreign Investment
Shareholders Agreement
Due Diligence
Joint Venture
Take Over
Corporate Governance
Venture Capitals & Private Equity
Management Buy Out

Real Estate & Construction

Cucenoglu Law Office advises clients on the purchase, sale, lease and rental of commercial property, including planning, financing and development of large scale commercial sites considering tax issues, planning issues, investment and environmental liabilities.

Real Estate Due Diligence
Zoning Law
Turn Key Projects
Real Estate Finance
Rental & Sale Contracts
Rights on Real Estate
Government Contracts